Linear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frame Multi F_ Level Symmetric and Asymmetric Buildings With or Without Shear Wall
Malti Tiwari, Prof. Saurabh Pare, Prof. Yogesh Kumar Bajpai, Prof. Anubhav Rai
Symmetric, Asymmetric Building, Loads And Load Combinations, seismic analysis by ESM(Equivalent static method), wind analysis, Shear Wall, Linear Analysis, Joint Drift, F_Level Drift, Joint F_Level Displacement Maximum, E-Tabs 2016
In this thesis a comparison of linear analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frame multi F_Level Symmetric and Asymmetric buildings with or without shear wall in seismic analysis and wind analysis is carried out. In this thesis comparison of seismic analysis linear static (equivalent static method) and wind analysis is done by using loads and load combinations. In this analysis the selection of building is a Reinforced Concrete Frame building, which is a multi F_Level building. In Indian region country divided four zones (II, III, IV and V) depending on seismic risk. In this thesis taking zone III, and SMRF (special moment resisting frame) building is using in this analysis. Moment resisting frame should resist both gravity and lateral loads and widely used for seismic resisting systems. Taking Rectangular, c-shape and L-shape of building with shear wall and without shear wall and comparing for F_Level drift, joint F_Level displacement, max and avg. F_Level drift, joint displacement and etc. by using 18 loads and load combinations for static analysis and wind analysis. For seismic analysis IS 1893(PART I):2002 and for wind analysis IS 875(PART I,II,III):1987 is using and the whole analysis is done with ETABS 2016 software programming.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1

Page(s): 298 - 304
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