Shital S.Bhure, Irshad A.Shaikh, Nandkishor B. Bavage, Vidyasagar Gali, Shyamlila B. Bavage
neuropathic pain,mechanism,animal models, treatments
The international association for the study of pain (IASP 2011) defines neuropathic pain, as pain caused by lesions or disease of the somatosensory nervous system. Central neuropathic pain and peripheral neuropathic pain is caused by a lesion or disease of central somatosensory and peripheral somatosensory nervous system respectivelyClinical lecture on lead Neuropathy published in 1924,the word Neuropathy was used for frist time by gordon the history of pain management is explained by tracking the ancient time , nerve tissue is route of transfer the pain to the brain through invisible psychic pnema Diagnostic test aimed at assessing somatosensory afferent Pathway damage are therefore useful for diagnosing neuropathic pain these is manifest with renge of different symptoms such as ongoing burning pain, squeezing or pressure pain paraoxymal electric shock like sensations, stabbing pain or mechanical dynamic allodynia, The various types of neuropathic pain are associated with different underlying nerve abnormalities. Purpose and rationale, procedure, evaluation, modification of the method are studied in experimental neuropathy. Study of the pharmacology of central sensitisation may open the door for novel analgesics effective in neuropathic pain Ideal models should produce just sensory deficits , such as allodynia ,hyperalgesia& spontaneous pain for short period of time ,there are different animal models to evaluate different neuropathic pain etiologies and manifestation,some models study peripheral Np mechanisms This article summarizes types,causes,nature, mechanisms, screening tools and treatments, pain management
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 12

Page(s): 98 - 106
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