Shubham Kakasaheb Payghan, Dr.V.R.Rathi
Fly ash, Sugarcane Bagasse ash, Rise husk ash, Banana leaf ash, Temperature, compressive Strength.
In its most basic form concrete is mixture of cement, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and water. The most important content of concrete is cement. Now a days most concrete mixtures contain supplementary cementitious material that make a portion of cementitious component in concrete. These materials are generally a by product from various processes or natural materials. Fly ash by product of coal fired at power generation facilities and is the noncombustible particulates removed from flue gases. Characteristics of fly ash can vary significantly depending on the source of the coal being burnt. Sugarcane bagasse ash is a solid waste generated from the sugar manufacturing industry. India is world’s biggest cane producers. Bagasse is the fiber residue remaining after extraction of the cane juice from sugarcane. Rise husk is generated during the milling process is most used in fuel in boilers for producing energy through direct combustion. Farming waste is crude material for environment these days. Banana leaf ash obtained locally from burning of dry banana leaves. The leaves were completely burnt under atmospheric condition. Concrete material in structures is likely exposed to high temperature during fire. The relative properties of concrete after such an exposure are of great importance in terms of serviceability of building. The properties that affect the performance of concrete are thermal and mechanical properties. The thermal properties that influence temperature rise and distribution in a concrete are thermal conductivity, specific heat, thermal diffusivity and mass loss. The mechanical properties that determines the fire performance of reinforced concrete members are tensile strength, compressive strength and modulus of elasticity. At rise in temperature compressive strength is highly influenced by room temperature.
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