Volume 3, Issue 1 June 2016

Title And Author Area Page
Semantic Information Retrieval Using WAMP Server
- Mihir Chakrabarty
Full Article
Information Technology136-140
Experimental Investigation on influence of Mn on tribological properties of as cast Al25Mg2Si-2Cu-4Mn Alloy at room temperature
- MohamadAziz Athani; Neeta S. Mathapati
Full Article
Thermal Engineering141-145
Unsupervised Stemmer for Kannada Language
- Mounika S; B H Manjunath Kumar
Full Article
Computer Science and Engineering146-148
Data Mining tools and techniques in Medical Science
- Anu Bura; DR. Prakash Kumar Pathak
Full Article
Computer Science149-158
Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks – Survey
- Priya P; Kuppusamy N K
Full Article
Computer Engineering159-163
Comparison of Compressive Strength of M25, M30 Grades of Concrete by Partially Replacement of Fly Ash with Normal and Accelerated Curing
- Gowri Sankara Rao .G; Lakshmi Ganesh.S; Anil Kumar .G
Full Article
CIVIL Engineering164-172
The Influence of Confinement on Local Heat Transfer Distribution Due to Impingement of Slot Air Jet on a Flat Surface
- Adimurthy.M; Pavankumar. M. Sureban
Full Article
Automobile Engineering173-180
Design and Analysis of Truss Elements
- Sachin Madakatti; Sunilakumar Biradar
Full Article
Civil Engineering181-185
Optimization Of EDM Parameters Using Taguchi Method For Hds11
- M.MURUGAN; T. Senthil Kumar
Full Article
mechanical engineering186-191
Category Based Implementation of Web Crawler
- Nandita ; Sarika Rana
Full Article
Computer Engimeering192-197

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