Developments of Supplementary Wrapper from Coconut By-Product for Fast Food Industry
V.P.A.Nadeeshani, S.B Nawarathna
Coconut flour, Guar gum, Coconut Wrapper, Wheat wrapper, Fast food industry
Coconut flour was naturally low in digestible carbohydrate, gluten free; cheaper than most of the other nut flours, which is loaded with health promoting fiber and important nutrients. Main objective of the study was to prepare coconut wrap for the substitute to the wheat flour based products such as astortilla (directly with a savoury filling, pancake and Chinese roll outer casing). Wheat flour based products’ keeping quality was very less in room temperature and high in cost of production. According to the literature people tried coconut wrap with unripen coconut meat but it was not a 100% successful method due to unavailability, wastage and high cost of production. This study mainly focused on usage of by product, which was obtained from virgin coconut oil residues. Cost per unit was Rs. 13.64 and it can drastically reduce, if this process carried out in large scale. Because, large drier, labour and cooker utilization cost calculate for one wrapper. Per serving can obtained 6.26g of protein, 2 .26g of total fat, 11.40 g of carbohydrate, 9.09 g of total sugar, 1.33 g of dietary fiber, 27.82 mg of Sodium ion and 2.75 g of total ash. It is safe to consume due to 2.2x102 CFU/g of Total Plate Count (TPC) out of 5 x 103 CFU/g, Yeast and moulds<10 CFU/g out of 100 CFU/g and negative in Coliform, Escherichia coli and salmonella. According to observations and results proven that coconut wrap shelf life should be maximum 9 months (36 weeks) in room temperature. Exposure to direct sun light and direct heat caused for colour change from light brown to dark brown.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3

Page(s): 62 - 67
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