PHP Web Application Frameworks based upon Design Patterns
Aakash goyal
PHP , Desingn Patterns
PHP is a powerful language to develop dynamic and interactive web applications. One of the defining features of PHP is the ease for developers to connect and manipulate a database. PHP prepares the functions for database manipulation. However, database management is done by the Structure Query Language (SQL). Most novice programmers often have trouble with SQL syntax. A web application framework is a type of framework, or foundation, specifically designed to help developers build web applications. These frameworks typically provide core functionality common to most web applications, such as user session management, data persistence, and templating systems. By using an appropriate framework, a developer can often save a significant amount of time building a web site. In this paper the results affecting the use of design patterns in projects which develop PHP-based Web application frameworks. Using 10 frameworks ,documentation andsource code were discussed which finds that design patterns are used in the development of Web applications, but not too much consistency. The end results can be of use when planning and developing new projects because the existing experience can be taken into account.To improve web application performance, web developers will often cache certain content so it does not need to be regenerated on each page request. Frameworks can offer a common interface to disk or database storage of cached content. Many frameworks follow the MVC architectural pattern to separate the data model with business rules from the user interface. This is generally considered a good practice as it modularizes code, promotes code reuse, and allows multiple interfaces to be applied. In web applications, this permits different views to be presented, such as web pages for humans, and web service interfaces for remote applications.The paper also have information which design patterns are not used because they may be artificial or hard-to-use in real projects. that's why developers may simply lack information on the existence of the design patterns.
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