Thermoelectric generator, waste heat recovery, engine exhaust, hot side heat exchanger, cold side heat sink, insulation, load
In an internal combustion engines; efficiency of engine is around 30 %, roughly 30% of the fuel energy is wasted in exhaust gases, and 30% in cooling water and 10% are unaccountable losses. Efforts are made to catch this 30 % energy of exhaust gases. If this waste heat energy is tapped and converted into usable energy, the overall efficiency of an engine can be improved. Thermoelectric modules which are solid state devices that are used to convert thermal energy to electrical energy from a temperature gradient and it works on principle of Seebeck effect. Under the excitation of the engine and road surface, the vibration energy of the exhaust system which will result in the vibration of the body and produce the structure noise transfers to the body from the hanger. This will seriously affect the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance of the vehicle. This paper demonstrates the potential of thermoelectric generation. The detailed experimental work was carried out to study the performance of thermoelectric generators under various engine speeds. A hot side heat exchanger as well as cold side heat sink was designed and tested on 3 cylinder, 4 stroke, Maruti 800cc SI engine. Two Thermoelectric modules of bismuth telluride (Bi2Te3) were selected according to the temperature difference between exhaust gases side and the engine coolant side and place (Just behind catalytic converter) A rectangular heat exchanger was fabricated and the thermo electric modules were placed on the heat exchanger for performance analysis. The study showed that energy can be tapped efficiently from the engine exhaust also in near future thermoelectric generators can reduce the size of the alternator or eliminate them in automobiles improving efficiency of engine.
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