Material flow analysis of Cassava crocket manufacturing process from raw cassava (Mannihot esculenta) roots
M.A.Dulani Somendrika, Dr. I. Wickramasinghe, Dr. M.A.J Wansapala, Mr. Sena Pieris
Cassava, Cassava crocket, Cassava waste, Proximate analysis, Material analysis.
Cassava(Manihotesculenta) is the third most grown plant in subtropical and tropical countries with short post-harvest life. This study was carried out to increase the Utilization of cassava as processed products and minimize the waste generated during the cassava processing. Cassava crocket is a convenient product which uses cassava root as main raw material. Main objective of this study was to carry out a material analysis of the production process of cassava crocket to characterize and quantify the inputs and outputs of the process. Primary data obtained through interviewing production staff and Secondary data was used for the analysis and the samples for analysis were collected using online multistage random sampling method over 60 working days of a cassava crocket manufacturing plant. According to resultsthe wastes generated at peeling, grating, squeezing and storage were 21.5±1.3%, 5.0±1.0%, 20.8±1.7% and 5±1% of the raw cassava root weight respectively. The other waste generated waste water 2480L per annum. Results obtained from the proximate analysis of raw cassava tuber showed, the moisture content as 63.07±0.4%, protein content as 1.5±0.3%, fat content as 0.5±0.03%, crude fibre content as 3.7±0.4%, ash content as 1.0±0.2% and carbohydrate content as 30.23±0.2%. Proximate composition of cassava peel (cortex) had moisture content of 7.5±0.3%, protein content of 8.2±0.1%, fat content of 3.1±0.4%,crude fibre content of 12.5±0.2%,ash content of 6.5±0.2% and carbohydrate content of 71.6±0.5%.This case study reveals that there is a considerable amount of waste occurred in the production of cassava crocket from raw cassava roots and the cortex of the cassava root as a good source of nutrients.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 9

Page(s): 32 - 35
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