Tabassum Nahid Sultana, Md Abdul Haleem Bahadur, Zinath Sultana, Nausheen
Haphe, Haptic, Sense of Touch, Tactile.
Haptic, from the Greek (Haphe) means pertaining to the sense of touch. Haptic technology or Haptics is a tactile feedback technology. It makes vibrations and movements which can make people think that there is a real object when there is not. The haptic sense comprises a hierarchy of subsystems. Touch includes two such modules: tactile (sensations arising from stimulus to the skin—heat, pressure, vibration, slip, pain) and proprioceptive (which provides our knowledge of body positions, forces, and motions via end organs located in muscles, tendons, and joints). Haptic interfaces are devices that stimulate the sense of touch such as the sensory capabilities within our hands. The surge of computer capability and the desire for better ways to connect to computer-generated worlds has driven the creation and development of practical devices for haptic interaction. For example, force feedback gaming devices, such as joysticks and computer mice, have become available, while in the medical field, tele-surgery or surgeon directed robotic surgery has been gaining recognition. In this paper, we have made remote control based sensed arm that does the movement similar to sensor arm. Through the help of wired connection there is an information transfer between sensor arm and sensed arm.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 12

Page(s): 325 - 328
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