Effect of Load & Speed on Mechanical & Tribological Properties of High Manganese Hadfield steel at Room Temperature
Pradeepkumar B.Kowalli, Dr V. R. Kabadi, Dr R.G.Tikotkar
Austenite,Hadfieldsteel, Work hardening, Hardenability,Frictionalforce.
Hadfield’s Manganese steel is a very useful engineering material due to its high toughness, ductility, high work-hardening capacity and good resistance to wear. The original austenitic manganese steel, containing about 1.2% C and 13% Mn, was invented by Sir Robert Hadfield in 1882. In the present study slight chromium was added for better work hardening effects, especially used in rail road crossings. Wear characteristics of hadfield steel under different operational conditions like wear pressures of 0.12490480, 0.24980970, 0.40590890, 0.49961930, 0.72320020, 0.87433381; 1.0403642MPa and sliding speeds of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7and8 m/s were monitored on a standard pin-on-disc wear and friction monitor (TR20L) testing equipment under dry sliding. Weight loss of the specimen was measured after the wear tests to obtain wear rate. The variations were observed in wear rate and specific wear rate with wear pressures under different sliding speeds for the fixed sliding distance of 10,000 meters. The results indicated almost constant specific wear rate under all the operational conditions. Low wear rate at the sliding speed of 4 m/s for all the wear pressures was observed. Sliding speed of 4 m/s can be considered as critical sliding speed for the hadfield steel. The depth of work hardening under dry sliding is more at lower sliding speed. The occurrence of wear mechanisms are governed by the combined effects of wear pressure and sliding speed. The wear mechanisms found to be primarily abrasive wear followed by pitting, gauging, adhesive, delaminative, oxidative, impact, scuffing, laminative, fretting and fatigue wear with respect to the wear pressure and sliding speed.
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Unique Paper ID: 143788

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1

Page(s): 297 - 302
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