damping ratio, mass distribution, mass ratio, Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers (MTMD), number of dampers, Tuned Mass Dampers(TMD), structural frequency, vibration control device.
Tuned mass damper (TMD) is one of the most reliable vibration control devices for high rise buildings. It utilizes a secondary mass attached to a main structure through a spring-dashpot system to reduce the dynamic response of the structure. Now a day, multiple tuned mass dampers (MTMD) where more than one TMD is tuned to different structural frequency are used to control earthquake induced motion of high rise buildings. In this work, a comparative analytical study is done to check the effectiveness of multiple tuned mass dampers to reduce translation structural vibration. A typical multi storied building is considered and seismic analysis is carried out without and with STMD or MTMD using software ETABS. From the frequency response analysis of the building to seismic excitations, the mass, stiffness and damping of the tuned mass damper is optimized. It is found that the damper can reduce the displacement of the building to a considerable extent and thus the safety and comfort of the occupants can be ensured. It is found that increase in mass ratio increases the effectiveness of TMD. The number of damper in MTMD is varied and the response of the structure is compared with the response of the structure with STMD. It is found that the MTMD is more effective in controlling the response of the structure compared to the STMD having the same mass. Also, for a given structural system and level of excitation there exists an optimum value of the parameters (number of dampers in MTMD, mass distribution and damping ratio) at which the response of the structure attains its minimum value.
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