A Review: Effect of Chemical Composition on SG Alloy Product
Casting, Chemical Composition, SG alloy, Mechanical Properties.
Casting is a manufacturing process to make complex shapes of metal, during mass production, we have experienced many defects due to number of reasons like improper runner, riser, gating design, improper melting and poring practice, mould and core materials etc. Improper metal composition is one the reason for the defects in casting process. Spheroidal graphite cast iron is defined as a high carbon containing, iron based alloy in which the graphite is present in compact. It has high fluidity, castability, tensile strength, toughness, wear resistance, weldability, machinability and it is generally used in hydraulic cylinder, cylinder heads, rolls for rolling mill and centrifugal cast product. These research deals with study of chemical composition of SG alloy in sand casting process. Chemical composition in ductile iron are always considered in the range so that it is difficult to achieve the targeted mechanical properties like tensile strength and hardness and the microstructure as per the given specification. This review paper is based on the notable research work done by various researchers in the area of composition of casting.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 9

Page(s): 92 - 96
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