Guguloth Ravi, Thurai Sai Sharat, Maloth Heeralal
driving member, driven member, torque, fatigue analysis, multi plate clutch.
A clutch is a mechanical device which provides for the transmission of power (and therefore usually motion) from one component (the driving member) to another (the driven member). The opposite component of the clutch is the brake. A multi plate clutch may be used when a large torque is to be transmitted. The inside discs are fastened to the driven shaft to permit axial motion. The outside discs are held by bolts and are fastened to the housing which is keyed to the driving shaft. The multi disc clutches are extensively used in motor cars, motorbikes, machine tools etc.The inside discs are usually made of steel and outside discs are usually made of bronze. The materials used for lining of friction surfaces are Asbestos, Cork, Rubber, Cast iron, Powder metal. The aim of the project is to design a multi plate clutch by using empirical formulas. A 2D drawing is drafted for multi plate clutch from the calculations and a 3D model is created in the 3D modeling software Creo. Structural, modal and fatigue analysis is done for multi plate clutch using the properties of the three materials. Outer material is steel and Materials used for friction plate are varied Cast iron, Cork and Asbestos. Comparison is done for above materials to validate better friction material for multi plate clutch under the load conditions while changing the gears. Analysis is done in Ansys software.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 10

Page(s): 143 - 149
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