Experimental study of aerodynamics through a conical annulus and axial flow runner
Divergence angle, Annular diffuser, Diffusion angle, Pressure recovery.
A wide angle diffuser has larger diffusion angle and area ratio than the common diffuser. Its main use is to restrict length of the diffusing passage for nearly equivalent pressure recovery enhancement. When the flow enters the diffuser inlet it faces an adverse pressure gradient that results in flow separation which causes degradation in the performance of a diffuser by decreasing the pressure rise capability and increasing the total pressure loss. Its performance depends on a complicated interaction between its flow and performance parameters. The energy transfer in these turbo machineries involves the exchange of significant levels of kinetic energy in order to accomplish the intended purpose. As a consequence, very large levels of residual kinetic energy frequently accompany the work input and work extraction processes, sometime as much as 50% of the total energy transferred.Diffusers are used in many fluid flow systems where a need exists for the flow deceleration or pressure enhancement. A small change in pressure recovery can increases the efficiency significantly. Therefore diffusers are absolutely essential for good turbo machinery performance. The geometric limitations in aircraft applications where the diffusers need to be specially designed so as to achieve maximum pressure recovery within the shortest possible length led to the development of annular diffusers. In this project it is proposed to study experimentally the air flow while air passes through a restricted path of cylindrical annulus energy losses occurs at the wall boundaries (shear loss), interference etc. Also flow becomes three dimensional flow which changes momentum of fluid in radial and axial direction. Study of this behavior of fluid is done through this experimentation.
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