Ground water related issues and problems in East karbi anglong and west karbi anglong district Assam
Rebecca kramsapi
groundwater, aquifer, ecosystems, Karbi Anglong
Most of the Earth’s liquid freshwater is found, not in lakes and rivers, but is stored underground in aquifers. Indeed, these aquifers provide a valuable base flow supplying water to rivers during periods of no rainfall. They are therefore an essential resource that requires protection so that groundwater can continue to sustain the human race and the various ecosystems that depend on it. The contribution from groundwater is vital; perhaps as many as two billion people depend directly upon aquifers for drinking water, and 40 per cent of the world’s food is produced by irrigated agriculture that relies largely on groundwater. The occurrence and distribution of ground water in the country varies significantly depending on geology, rainfall and geomorphology. The unplanned and non-scientific development of ground water resources has led to sharp depletion of the resources and also degradation of quality at many places. The purpose of this section is to lay out the broad range of issues and concerns regarding groundwater conditions in the district, identify recommended actions to address these issues, and identify the several key areas where the Commission should focus its efforts. Because conditions and needs are constantly changing, it is necessary to continue identifying new problems and working to maintain and improve conditions through planning and cooperative management. Many problems have been brought about by human activities, either directly related to increasing demands for groundwater or indirectly when development alters the natural flow regime in a non-beneficial manner. Other problems are related to water scarcity. Many water resource problems have been solved by human engineered solutions and, in some cases, fortuitously and unintentionally through human activity. The prime focus of this study is for a holistic understanding of ground water related issues and problem in Karbi Anglong autonomous district of Assam From quality point of view, the ground water is suitable for drinking purposes except high iron and fluoride content. The shallow zones are free from both iron and fluoride, while the deeper zones beyond 10 m depth contains high iron beyond permissible limit and the pediment zone
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