Effect of Different Temperature on the C.O.P. of Lithium Bromide-Water(LiBr-H?2O) Vapor Absorption Refrigeration System Based on Solar Energy
Abhishek Ghodeshwar, Mr.Prashant Sharma
Vapor absorption system, Refrigerants, Coefficient of performance(COP),Solar heating, Environments.
The continuous and rapid development of countries ran in a monumental increase in the demand of energy utilization. For this entailment of renewable energy, such as solar energy for an eco-friendly process of refrigeration by Vapor Absorption process is looked to be a blessing in present scenario. Putting back the electrical energy with solar energy will shorten the use of high grade electrical energy. Solar energy based refrigeration system is one of the best assuring technology to fulfill the boosting demand for refrigeration purpose. A solar drivan Lithium-Bromide absorption cooling system was studied. It was an intermittent system in which water used as a refrigerant and Li-br used as a absorber. This paper provides an analytical approach to the study of the vapor absorption refrigeration system.By the application of first and second Law of thermodynamics with Mass and energy balance equation. The C.O.P. of Vapor Absorption system can be improved by using generator temperatures from 65 to 80 deg C, using Lithium Bromide as absorbent and Water as refrigerant, using higher evaporator and generator temperature, low condenser temperature., double liner heat exchanger, gravity heat pipe, using single effect vapour absorption refrigeration system. By combining all these technologies, new more efficient Compact Solar Refrigeration System can be made which shall be having much better C.O.P. than older systems.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 10

Page(s): 753 - 761
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