Numerical Analysis of Performance of Solar Pond having Heat Exchanger provided with Circular Fins
Prof. Ashish Muchrikar, Satyam Mishra
Phase change material (PCM), Thermal energy storage (TES), solar pond, Paraffin Wax, Nanoparticles.
The Present era of Industrial revolution continuously increase in the level of greenhouse gas emissions in global level and the rise in fuel cost are the main driving forces behind the attempt to be made for more effectively utilize various sources of renewable energy. Renewable energies are expected to play the major role to overcome the energy supply in the near future. In many parts of the world direct or indirect solar energy is considered to be one of the most prospective sources of energy. In this work, the thermal performance of a phase change thermal storage device is studied. The storage unit is a paraffin solar wax melting system being developed for latent heat storage studies. Paraffin was used as PCM in thermal energy storage with a melting temperature of 42-50´C.This study is based on experimental results of the PCM employed to analyze the thermal behavior of the storage of heat energy during the charge and discharge periods of the paraffin wax. The time wise temperatures of the PCM and solar intensity were recorded during the processes of charging. The heat transfer characteristics were studied. The Latent heat energy storage systems using PCM as paraffin wax could have lower heat transfer rates during melting/freezing processes due to its low thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of paraffin wax can be increased by using high thermal conductivity materials such as alumina (Al2O3). A numerical analysis has been carried out to study the thermal performance enhancement of paraffin wax with nanoalumina (Al2O3) particles in comparison with simple paraffin wax in a concentric double pipe shell and tube type heat exchanger. Numerical analysis of paraffin wax as pcm with nano partials indicates that the charge-discharge rates of thermal energy can be greatly enhanced using paraffin wax with alumina as compared with a simple paraffin wax as PCM with the Heat exchanger having Fins.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 9

Page(s): 241 - 245
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