Fabrication Of Hybrid Bike Using Electric Motor
Satyendra Kanojiya, Vipul Meshram, Rahul Bhourgade, Prajwal Tijare, Himanshu Chambhare, Prof Ashish Umarkar, Prof Nilesh Sonare
With growing oil prices and escalating environment worries, cleaner and supportable energy solutions are demanded. Present transportation contributes large amount of energy consumption and emission of pollutants. we mostly use the vehicles like bike, moped bike, car etc. due to this the air pollution also get increased. Due to pollution the diseases are also increased. The petroleum products such as petrol and diesel are non-renewable sources. It get exhausted in future, so to prevent environment from pollution and to save fuels like petrol and diesel the hybrid are introduced. Any vehicle is a hybrid, when it combines two or more source of power. Hybrid electric vehicles are admired because of their ability to achieve related performance to a standard automobile while prominently improving fuel efficiency and tailpipe emissions. In this paper, hybrid vehicle technology has been fabricate, with Power split configuration having internal combustion engine and battery as the secondary running source. In this project we make a hybrid bike which runs in two mode. Petrol mode:-The engine converts fossil fuel from the fuel tank into mechanical power. In this project first the bike will run with the help of petrol and the battery will charge with the help of alternator and generator. Electric mode:-In this mode the electric machine converts electric energy from an electric energy storage system such as battery into mechanical power. After that supply of petrol will cut, Now bike will run with the help of battery which is charged previously with the help of alternator.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 10

Page(s): 388 - 391
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