Overspeed detection on highway
Binal kamlesh Vasant, Vaishali Shardul, Sneha Sharma , Priyanka solankar , Prof. Namrata D. Ghuse
microcontroller,LCD screen,power supply,cloud admin etc
Automatic vehicle monitoring has turned out to be a very crucial scenario in the current years. It may develop into possibility by executing the following technologies.This project targets to propose system,which detects speeding vehicle over a specific speed linit and immediately report to concerned authorities.At present,road accident rates have raised so,there is a neccesity for developing a system that detects and overspeeding vehicle. The implementation of present smart vehicle overspeeding detector using internet of things determines al the road traffic information automatically with intelligence. the smart vehicle are suitable with overspeeding detector that has capability for recording ,storing and information sharing about the vehicle’s speed . A smart vehicle over speeding sensor is employed and is combined with IOT in order to decrece the vehicle’s speed at particular places like accident proned zones . If this smart sensor technology is used the safety parameters, then avoidance of accidents may be attained. The system sends the data wirelessly . If the overspeeding vehicle is detected ,then the sensor sends data to concerned authorities.the purpose of the purposed sensor is to decreasehigh death rates because of accidents.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 11

Page(s): 535 - 538
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