Revisiting the cultural politics of the Colonizer and Colonized in Franz fanon's The wretched of the Earth.
Decolonize, Dehumanize, Claiming, Imperialsim and colonialism
Claim means to assert ownership. The colonizers usually claim colonized place since they get to know more about the people and the place. Francis bacon quoted, “Knowledge is power”. The more the knowledge about something, the more power one has over it and they can exercise control over it. Linda Tuhiwai Smith in Decolonising methodology: Research and indegineous people, projects how the colonizers establishes the positional superiority of western knowledge and argues how colonial people “came, saw named and claimed” by using the examples of Abel Tasman and James Cook. By looking at the case of Maori and their contact with the British, she forcefully argues that all accounts of events are seen through imperial eyes and the master narrative is therefore established from their perspective. In Frantz fanon “The wretched of the earth”, the dehumanizing effects of colonization upon the individual and the nation is discussed and the relation between the colonizer and colonized as master and slave, which ultimately tells the colonizers control on colonized. This paper aims at bringing out the cultural politics of colonizers and the colonized and also stresses how gradually their initial contact becomes dominating in the later stage. That happens only because of the colonizer’s gain of knowledge of the colonized people as Neitschze rightly says “will to power” and “will to dominate”. Here the colonizers dominate the colonized by taking a control over them. The very thought of having a control makes them feel superior. This paper would analyse these texts in the aspects of how claiming plays a significant role in the world of colonizers and colonized.
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