Diabetes Risk among Selected Obese / Overweight Female College Students in Coimbatore City
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Indian Diabetes Risk Score, Overweight / Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, Waist Hip Ratio
Background: Occurrence of Type II Diabetes among youngsters can be prevented or delayed if the risk factors are targeted. Objectives: To study 1) the risk factors of diabetes among selected students and 2) the level of risk of developing diabetes using the tool ‘Indian Diabetes Risk Score’ (IDRS). Methodology: Ethical clearance was obtained from Coimbatore Medical College Hospital. Overweight / obese female college students (n=93) of 19 - 22 years of age in Coimbatore city were selected. Using a questionnaire framed as per the tool ‘IDRS’, data on age, waist circumference, physical activity pattern and family history of diabetes were elicited, scores were given, summed up and the overall level of risk was arrived at. Results: With respect to age all the selected students registered zero ‘IDRS’ as all were below 34 years of age. Waist circumference of 80 - 90 cm and ≥ 90 cm with the corresponding risk score of 10 and 20 were recorded by 58% and 42% of the selected students respectively. Coming to the physical activity pattern, majority (90.3%) of the students performed no exercise / strenuous work recording a maximum ‘IDRS’ of 30. With regard to family history of diabetes, risk score of ‘zero’, 10 and 20 were recorded by 47.3%, 38.7% and 14% of the students respectively. Coming to overall risk of developing diabetes, moderate risk (IDRS: 30 - 50) and high risk (IDRS: ≥ 60) were observed among 59% and 41% of the selected students respectively. No one recorded low risk.
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