Solubility of the Waste Thermacol in Organic Solvent Systems to form Value Added Material
Bipin D Lade, Anjali S Kukde
Acetone, Ethanol, Plastic, Petrol, solubility test and Thermocol.
The main objective of this study was to investigate the ability of the Thermocol (Polystyrene) to get solubilized in the various organic solvents and to obtained a new strategy to lower its accumulation in landfill as well as to formulate a by-product of the mixture. The preliminary solubility of the thermocol in the various solvents has been confirmed by visual observation by noticing the change in the transparent solvent after addition of small pieces of thermocol into the solvents. The thermocol pieces were found to be soluble in 30 ml of petrol, acetone, and their combinations in the ratio of Petrol: Acetone (10:20) and Acetone: Ethanol (20:10). The solid thermocol piece was converted into the coagulated mass of sticky nature in the organic solvents to form useful product excellent for several applications. Overall, the organic solvent such as petrol, acetone and ethanol may be productive to apply in dissolving the thermocol type of plastic lowering the theme issue of thermocol degradation. The formulated soluble thermocol may have various applications. Therefore, the present research work results are useful to minimize the harmful effects on environment as well as human health caused by the thermocol. In addition, the soluble product formed could be used in different areas such as pasting, glue, in roads, construction, factories, ceiling, furniture, insulations, craft, air conditioning, sound proofing, false ceiling and pipe insulation. This by-product obtained is a very strong and useful adhesive as per its consistency. It can be the constructive material in future which is called as adhesive. Moreover, this by-product can reduce the challenges and expenditure by using as a binding material. The indirect benefits include reusing the waste thermocol and the fuel required to burn the waste thermocol and to control the environmental pollution up to certain extent.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 10

Page(s): 206 - 210
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