Website Monitoring Software As A Service Using NodeJS , MySQL & Django
Ashish Kumar, Samarth Nanda, Shukrant Tanwar, Raju Ranjan
Digitalisation is taking over the world with a rapid speed and each individual is getting more dependent on the internet with each passing day. One can get every solution, knowledge, idea over the web easily. But this dependency over the internet makes it even more powerful. And with great power comes great responsibility. We all have noticed once or a while that certain websites crash when a large number of users click at once. This can happen with any web server on the internet. But the catch is, the user doesn’t know this in the real time so that he/she can mend their website and host it again. This leads to site crashes for a longer time. We are trying to eradicate this problem by designing a dashboard which will notify the host about the crash of their website so that they can check for the problem and resolve in less time. With the help of our software, the host will be the first to know if their site is going down and can fix it without letting his customers know. Website Monitoring Saas will deal with the server response of one's website.The software basically sends a HTTP request to the server , if the server responds back it means it is working just fine . While when we’ll not get the response back it means the server is not working properly and then we’ll notify the user about the odds through the mode they have selected.Initially we have only two modes which are through the emails and the other one is through the phone texts. With the help of our software the user can also keep track of their servers performance. We are providing the user a dashboard where they can check the previous performances of their server and sites on a weekly ,monthly or yearly basis.The software is user friendly because most of the work is being done in the back thread.While the user interface only consists of user authentication and monitoring of websites.A user can monitor multiple sites from one dashboard so that it will be easiest for them to check on all their sites at one time.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 11

Page(s): 768 - 771
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