Atharva Pravin Rane, Shubham Pulekar, Abhiraj Bind, Parwez Alam Shaikh, Suresh Suryawanshi, Dr. Varsha Shah
Building material is any material which is used for a construction purpose. Many naturally occurring substances, such as clay, sand wood and rocks, even twigs and leaves have been used to construct buildings. Apart from naturally occurring materials, many man-made products are in use, some more and some less synthetic. Light weight construction materials can be a great choice when it comes to building a home. New technology has also made building with metal more practical than in previous human history. Most high-rise buildings and sky scrapers are built with steel or other metal frames. Plastics are another widely used modern building material. Formed of polymers, plastics are easily moulded while in the liquid state. Compared to metal and many other materials, plastic is very light in weight and relatively low in cost. Plastic is often used to make pipes and to decorate the interior of buildings. Many modern buildings use glass, not only for windows, but often as the primary exterior building material. Glass skyscrapers and other structures have become quite popular due to their aesthetic appeal. Technology continues to create new building materials with exceptional properties. For example, sea-creation is a construction material made from minerals found in sea water. Composite materials are made by combining different types of building materials together. These materials combine organic and inorganic components. One material act as a type of “adhesive” that binds the other components together. The “hard” components are usually glass, carbon or boron fiber. Composites are known for combining light weight with strength and durability. Cement composites bind together wood or similar materials like paper, fiberglass and natural fibres in a cement paste. These composites can be placed into moulds to create pre-shaped building components. With the increase interest in green technology, many builders are moving back to older building materials in an effort to increase sustainability. Thus, one can find modern homes or other structures built of mud and straw, or other archaic materials, in green living communities.
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