Evaluation of wastewater Treatment using Hyacinth bean peel powder as Natural coagulant
Asha Rani N R, Irfan Shariff.M
Chlorides, Coagulation, hardness, Hyacinth bean peels, NC-natural coagulants, turbidity
Industrialization increased the growth of population, and enhanced economic activity has not only generated an increased demand for clean water but also caused serious mismanagement of environmental resources. Colloidal and suspended particles such as silt, clay, finely distributed organic matter, and other microscopic creatures are accountable for the increase in turbidity of water. The most used chemical coagulants to treat wastewater are aluminum and iron salts. Research works carried out by many researchers also proven that natural coagulants have brilliant potential due to their abundant availability, less price, innocuity, multifunctional, and biodegradation. In this Hyacinth Bean peels (Dolichos lablab) is utilized as natural coagulant. Hyacinth bean peels have a modest absorption of protein (17.1 ± 1.5%). The optimum dosage of NC was found to be 3 g/L, respectively for collected sample water. The optimum pH of Hyacinth Bean peels was found to be 9.5, respectively for sample water. The optimum dosage of NC 3 g/L, respectively for Krishna Sagara lake water. The Total hardness removal efficiency was 1000% after treatment with NC, the percentage reduction in the magnesium hardness was found to be100 % after treatment with NC, the chlorides removal efficiency was found to be 50% and residual chlorines removal efficiency was found to be 76% respectively.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1

Page(s): 59 - 66
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