Users Privacy -Preserving using Homomorphic Encryption
Dafda Hiral Tulsibhai
Electronic Voting, Homomorphic encryption, Additive Property, Paillier Encryption, Cryptosystem
Due to advancement of the technology in the storage of the data, field of data security becomes most crucial need of the users. As we know that encryption process provides the confidentiality as well as integrity of the data this process becomes necessary for the data storage facilities. In the e-voting system where data of the voter is very sensitive, we need to utilize this technology in the smart way. The main aim of this research is to provide security of this data with the help of the Pailler algorithm as well as to use homomorphic property in this system. With the help of the Homo-morphic property we are able to calculate the sum of the votes given by every voter and able to convert it into the encrypted form. The output value of the ciphertext which is diverse in the nature even if we encrypt same plaintext and it is much larger in the size as compare to the original plaintext. Electronic voting provides various kinds of properties like it ensures the privacy of the user by using confidentiality and verifiability by using the authentication mechanism. By using these properties intruders are unable to retrieve the vote of the voter from the system or from the communication channel. Authentication ensures the verifiability of the voter and identifies that voter is legitimate or not. Due to these kinds of strong properties of the algorithm e-voting system provides a numerous advantage like freeness of the receipts as well as resistance among the coercion and also autonomy of the ballot. By developing the secure protocols for the voting, we are able to achieve the properties needed for the secure communication. There are several methods was developed in the past years to ensure the confidentiality as well as authentication of the data and it can be categorized in different way based on how it achieves these properties. However, this system or approach relies on the classical approaches of the security and based on some assumptions about the algorithm. If there is a quantum computer is efficient than it would be decrypt and compromise the data. So, we have to develop more reliable system among this threat and this work is the little stem among achieving this task.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1

Page(s): 547 - 551
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