Design, Analysis & Fabrication of Garbage Removal Machine from Water Surfaces
Pulkit Anil Suryawanshi, Kunal Bharat Jagdale, Akshay Hanmant Pawar, Omkar Santosh Pailwan, Rohit Ramesh Shinde, Santosh Ramvijay Jadhav, Shubham Vinod Sapate, Shekar Shahaji Chavan
Bearing, Conveyor Belt, D.C. Motor, Garbage Bin, Garbage Removal Machine
Water is the basic need for the existence of life on earth. In spite of 70% water on earth majority of water is not suitable for drinking purpose. There is a huge demand of clean water as it is used for a variety of purpose such as drinking, bathing, cleaning, cooking etc. Impurities present in water can cause serious health issues that can damage the life of human beings. The main objective of doing this project is to clean the garbage present in small and big lake. To reduce the cost of river cleaning by use of river surface cleaning machine. To tackle the problems about wastage, food material, plastics present in the lake. To clean the polluted water reservoirs to save the life of aquatic animals. To reduce the human efforts by automation in machine. To make eco-friendly and cost efficient machine without use of liquors like petrol or diesel. The project emphasizes on design & construction of river cleaning mechanism. The system is successfully able to clean the floating solid waste over the river surface more efficiently. This system works towards its social aim of cleaning the rivers & other water bodies. The conventional & generally used method of cleaning or more precisely collecting the floating waste are manual or by means of boat etc. and are deposited near the shore of river. But these methods are risky, costly, time consuming and required major workforce. By considering all the parameters of water surface cleaning systems and eliminating the drawback of all the methods mention earlier, the water surface cleaning machine has been design and constructed which helps in river surface cleaning effectively, efficiently. The main aim of the project is to reduce the manpower, time consumption and thereby increasing the efficiency of the machine for cleaning the river. In this project, we have the operation of water cleaning with the help of motor, conveyor belt arrangement.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1

Page(s): 517 - 522
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