Automatic Body Sanitizer Machine
Rishabh Dhoble, Rohit Dube, Ratnesh Sontakke, Akshay Kolhe, Shubham Mishra, Amol Shelke, Milan Ukey
IR Proximity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Microcontroller.
The design depicted shows the preventive measure that can be taken during the COVID-19 pandemic in the whole world. Sanitizers have become the most significant commodities right now, hence we have to make a Automatic Body Sanitizer Machine and also due to COVID-19 vaccine not come in market is the major thing but our safety must important therefore the sanitizer can reduce the germs. By the new rules and regulations given by WHO vigorous sanitization is needed to survive. The design gave the solution for the problem stated. The design introduces an automatic body sanitizer with the help of proximity sensor that can detect the body automatically and temperature sensing system, to keep the whole body sanitized whenever a person wants to do it, without a contact with the sanitizing machine. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, in most of the country, especially in India, the use of sanitizer is still increasing, by using sanitizer we keep protecting our body from COVID-19 disease. When we contact with any person whose have COVID-19 traces, it is dangerous to our body and body will be get COVID-19 positive result, so when we get contact with any COVID-19 positive person, it is very important that to sanitized whole body with the help of liquid sanitizer. For that we make Automatic Body Sanitizer Machine, this machine sanitize the whole body automatically also it’s detected the temperature of body and remove dirt, dust particles from the body. The idea for contract this machine as a project is comes from the increasing importance of sanitizing of hand in the COVID-19 pandemic season, but this machine is used for sanitizing our whole body, because the traces of COVID-19 traces is settled on our body that's why our purpose is to remove COVID -19 traces from not only our hand but also from our body. For this project we read various research paper and take help from internet for the information of required component and resources for the construction of course project and also doing market research for find out the total cost required for the construction of our project. After completion of Automatic Body Sanitizer Machine, by using this machine we can kept protect our body from
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1

Page(s): 1128 - 1133
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