Solar Grass Cutting Robot
Yash Adhao, Hrushikesh Sawale, Aishwarya Zope, Dipali Dhake
Grass cutting machines are becoming increasingly popular these days. Pollution is a result of human activity, as evidenced by our daily lives. IC engines were employed in older models of lawn cutters, and as a result of their increased environmental effect, IC engine propelled cutters are more expensive. The cost of maintaining a traditional machine is higher. To overcome such drawbacks we want to build a new type of autonomous lawn cutter that works on solar energy and is also cost-effective to avoid these problems. The project's goal is to build a grass-cutting machine system that uses solar energy to power the grass-cutting machine. The "Solar Powered Grass Cutting Machine" is a solar-powered robotic vehicle that avoids obstructions and monitors soil moisture. The vehicle movement motors and the lawn cutter motor are both powered by a 12V battery. The battery is charged by a solar panel, eliminating the need for external charging. The grass cutter and vehicle motors are connected to a microcontroller, which regulates the operation of all the motors. It's also connected to an ultrasonic sensor that detects obstacles. If no barrier is identified and the moisture level is less than 50%, the microcontroller drives the vehicle motors forward. The ultrasonic sensor detects an obstruction, and the microcontroller shuts down the grass cutter motor to prevent any damage to the object/human/animal, and it also sounds an alarm. The microcontroller then rotates the vehicle till it is clear of the item, after which it moves the grass cutter ahead again.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1

Page(s): 1258 - 1261
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