Mine and Smoke Detection Using Wheel Based Robot
Sanket Waje , Vaibhav Pawar, Rohan Vaidya, Saquib Ansari
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While saving human life and giving security for the same are two distinct issues, both are necessary and mandatory. This unique method is designed for activities involving a high danger of human entry, such as some criminal cases, and might be particularly useful in the military for spying purposes. The study discusses the technological design and development of a robot for surveillance, metal mine detection, and smoke detection. A wireless camera is attached to the robot, which collects and broadcasts the robot's current surroundings. Mines and smoke detection use metal and smoke detectors. The robot is controlled by a microcontroller. A hand-held RF transmitter sends commands to the RF receiver mounted on the moving robot, which controls the robot's movement. Because human life is valued, these robots are used to replace soldiers in conflict zones. This surveillance robot can be deployed in regions where intruders or terrorists may pose a threat. During a battle, it can be used to gather information from hostile terrain and watch it from a safe distance, safely devising a strategy for a counter-attack, tracking the whereabouts of terrorist organisations, and planning an attack at the appropriate time. Surveillance of any affected location where humans are unable to go.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1

Page(s): 1272 - 1277
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