A critical review on different techniques for phylogenetic analysis
Shivam Bhardwaj, Simran Jeet Kaur, Deepti Jamwal, Bhola Das
Bioinformatics, Phylogeny, Phylogenetic analysis, Phylogenetic tree, UPGMA.
Understanding the evolutionary relationship between species (called taxa that are supposed to have a common ancestor) is the basis of phylogenetic study. Since the starting of the civilization of animal kingdom, scientist’s curiosity about the evolution process and origin of life has been a great advantage for the field of biology. It has helped in the classification of species and studying its relationship with the other organisms and species. This study of evolutionary study and finding relationship is phylogenetic analysis. This relationship can be inferred using construction of tree like diagram called phylogenetic tree. It is said that all organisms in the earth are part of a single phylogenetic tree, thus indicating that they have a common ancestor. there are basically 2 different types of methods of phylogenetic analysis i.e., distance-based methods and character-based methods or discrete methods. In distance-based methods trees are calculated based on similarities of sequences and are based on distances. This method compresses all the individual differences between a pair of sequences into a single number. UPGMA, neighbor joining method are some examples of this. In character-based method trees are constructed by considering the various pathways of evolution and uses each alignment position as evolutionary information. Maximum parsimony and likelihood are methods used in this type of evolutionary findings. Depending on different method for construction of phylogenetic tree different tools like dnadist, Dnamove, neighbor, etc are available. This method is widely used in different fields like forensic, comparative genomics, bioinformatics, drug discovery, and many more. It is an emerging field of biology and somehow linked to every other field. This review basically aims to analyse the methodology of different methods for phylogenetics analysis.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2

Page(s): 102 - 109
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