Reliability of a Dataset using Z Number
Piyush Gautam, Harsh Kumar Upadhyay, Sourav Prakash Sunny, Utkarsh Sao
In large measure, science and engineering dwell in the world of measurements and numbers. In this world, a basic question which arises is: How reliable are the numbers which we deal with? This question plays a particularly important role in decision analysis, planning, economics, risk assessment, design and process analysis. A Z number, Z=(A,B) has two components, The first component A is a restriction (constraint) on the values which a real valued uncertain variable, X, is allowed to take. The second component B is a measure of reliability (certainty) of the first component. The possibility of using the novel concept of Z numbers is introduced for the first time. This concept improves the computation time in handling uncertainty of the dataset with respect to fuzzy numbers. Uncertainty is quite relevant in real-time data. Due to lack of uncertainty, decision-based system would not be able to provide correct information. Z numbers thus enables to convert data to natural language. Data will be collecting from different domains such as tide energy, solar energy, food security and performing calculations to check the precision of the reliability and the uncertainty of the predicted data. This accuracy of the measure of the certainty or the unreliability of data can then be expressed in natural language, which can be understood commonly by all. To elaborate, the data classified above a certain threshold can be clubbed to say that the particular corresponding part can be termed as ‘very highly probable’, below a certain threshold can be clubbed to say that it can be termed as ‘very lowly probable’ and in between can be termed as ‘highly probable’, ‘moderately probable’ and so on. Hence, we aim to build a system with a graphical user interface that will provide correct information based on this measure of uncertainty computed using Z numbers.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2

Page(s): 466 - 470
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