Uptake Capacity of Methylene Blue by Adsorption onto Nitrated Biomass of Ailanthus excelsa.
Anandrao A. Kale, Reshma S. Pawar, Nikhil Khalde
Adsorption, Ailanthus excelsa, Methylene blue, (MB) Langmuir, Freundlich Isotherms.
Adsorption capacity of Nitrated biomass of Ailanthus excelsa for to remove methylene blue (MB) from aqueous solutions was investigated. Batch experiments were carried out as functions of different process parameters such as pH, initial dye concentration, biosorbent dose and Time and temperature. The optimum conditions for removal of MB were found to be pH (2.0), biosorbent dose (100 mg), and initial dye concentration (25 mg L-1).The temperature (288K) had a strong influence on the biosorption process. The Langmuir, Freundlich and Temkin isotherms model, biosorption of MB onto Nitrated biomass ware studied. The calculated values of ΔH°, ΔS° and ΔG° were found to be -6.0861 kJ/mol-1 +17.5887 KJ/mol-1 and -13.2167 KJ mol-1 respectively. The negative value of ΔH0 (-6.0861 kJ/mol-1) indicates that the Adsorption of MB onto of Nitrated biomass is an exothermic reaction. The calculated value of ΔG° -13.2167 KJ mol-1 indicates spontaneous nature of the adsorption process. Further the positive value of entropy change, ΔS0 reflects the affinity of Nitrated biomass for MB dye. The rate of sorption was found to obey pseudo-second order kinetics and intraparticle diffusion model with correlation coefficient value R2 is 0.9999. Thermodynamic studies showed that the biosorption process was spontaneous and exothermic. The Nitrated biomass is a promising biosorbent for MB removal from aqueous solutions.
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Unique Paper ID: 152521

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3

Page(s): 784 - 792
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