A preliminary study on Habitat ecology of Mahseer (Tor tor Hamilton) in western zone of Narmada River and its Tributary
Neha Patil, Dr.Shriparna Saxena
Mahseer, Narmada River, habitat, water quality, conservation.
Tor-tor (Mahseer), the deep bodied Mahseer represent an iconic genus of large-bodied species of the Cyprinidae family and is a native of river Narmada. A preliminary study was conducted for a period of four months stretched from August, 2018-November, 2018 on Narmada River and its tributaries to analyze the characteristic features of the Mahseer habitat. The physio-chemical parameters of water along with physical characteristic/substrate types have been studied spot wise at different gradient zones. During the study it was observed that mahseer adults inhabit in lowland river and then migrate upstream in torrential monsoon condition to reach suitable spawning ground. The fish prefer to inhabit deep and clean water with high velocity (rheophilic), good dissolved oxygen content (>5 mgL-1), optimum temperature (200C – 280C), optimum pH (6.5-8.5). The study further concluded that increasing anthropogenic pressure including dam construction across river, habitat fragmentation, deforestation, untreated sewage influx in river, and massive collection of fry and fingerlings of Mahseer by local fisherman during downward migration are some notable reasons behind sharp decline of Mahseer population and have brought Mahseer (Tor tor) to the state of near threatened species as per the reports of IUCN (2015). The study recommends immediate conservation measures to protect the majestic fish from population extinction.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 4

Page(s): 629 - 637
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