A Study on Electrophoresis Analysis of Alkaline Phosphatase Isozymes During Different Developmental Stages of Kalimpong-A (KA), New Bivoltine-18 (NB18), and Pure Mysore (PM) lines of Bombyx mori L
Keshamma E, Manjula A.C, Narasegowda P.N., Yasmin Taj S.
Bombyx mori L, Alkaline phosphatase, Electrophoresis, Kalimpong-A (KA), New Bivoltine-18 (NB18), Pure Mysore (PM)
A science concerned with establishing durable classification has itself undergone tremendous changes in the last three decades. Traditional approach still is the basis of all taxonomical studies. The molecular data, in particular gel electrophoresis of enzymes and numerical methods of analysis have proven useful in many groups of insects and will see much wider use in future. Therefore, present study was designed with the main purpose to analyze the activities of alkaline phosphatase isozymes by electrophoresis method during different developmental stages of Kalimpong-A (KA), B18, and Pure Mysore (PM) of Bombyx mori L. Standardized disc electrophoresis method was performed. Alkaline phosphatase isozymes form distinct enzymes zones in the photographs and in the zymogram and these have been numbered in cathodal to anodal sequence. These isozyme patterns have been established after repeated runs. The total isozymes of different developmental stages of KA, NB18, and PM have been grouped into different zones. The nomenclature of enzyme banding pattern has been followed. The relative front (Rf) of the esterase and phosphatase bands of all the developmental stages with reference to known indicator dye was calculated. Results demonstrated that changes in APH zymograms during development revealed a total of 18 bands in KA, NB18, and PM. From the present results it was clear that APH the activity in eggs is high in KA, NB18 and low in PM. In the larval stage. In pupal stage the activity was less in male pupae of all the races and it was found to be high in female pupae of all the races. Furthermore, phosphatases. take part in the digestion and assimilation, histolysis. They are mostly present in the lysosymes.
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Unique Paper ID: 153189

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 6

Page(s): 87 - 94
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