A secured outsourced description FEPOD scheme in blockchain
Mahewesh Khanam, Dr. Asma Parveen
outsource, FE-OD (functional encryption with outsourced description), FE-POD( functional encryption with payable outsourced description), digital currency.
With the aim of developing application that demand both capacity and data sharing, the notion of functional encryption is employed here to overcome the limitation of public key encryption. The actual limitations existing in functional encryption is the fact the most functional encryption plans are based on bilinear pairings which are exceedingly expensive computation. A generally acknowledged solution for this issue is to outsource the important task to a trusted extraordinary outsider while leaving the easy calculations to the client. Expecting an outsider (such as third party) to supply free services is impractical in any case. In the existing concept of functional encryption with outsourced description (FE-OD) scheme no thought has been given to the payment procedure between the client and the outsider as far as anyone is concerned, based on the idea that neither of them should be trusted. In this project the goal is to design the existing functional encyption with payable outsourced decoding FE-POD scheme. A blockchain based digital currency is used in FE-POD system to allow the client to pay an outsider after the client accurately performs the the outsourced decoding. Also we aim to define the non-exclusive model of FE-POD system and then represent general implementation of FE-POD scheme. Hence we also evaluated the execution of the proposed concept by implementing a FE-POD system over a blockchain-based platform.
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Unique Paper ID: 153256

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 6

Page(s): 234 - 238
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