Newspapers in Digital Age: An impact Study on different strategies adopted by Kannada Dailies
Technological advancement has changed the world drastically. The newspaper industry is also affected by that changes. It is facing a tough competition from blogs, online news channels and various other websites that provide easy accessibility to free, real-time and more visual information. This industry’s relevance is depended on lifestyle, work, changing habits of the people. The readers are becoming more technology friendly and consume information through smart phones, tablets, notebooks etc. The print media industry has been successful for decades until television introduced and then was the internet boom of 1990’s stumbled the newspapers’ profits, meagre sales and less subscriptions (Boyer, 2013). Generation Y and generation Z who grew up with computers are not much comfortable with reading newspapers or even physical books but they want to know everything around the world. For targeting them the Kannada newspapers have been come up with new survival tactics like offering free/discount subscriptions, free magazines or supplements, or shopping coupons and even they transformed to colour format, new layout design of newspaper, online newspaper (E-Paper), short news feeds on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. covering local news in supplements and so on, which are necessary to make the readers to hold on to their subscriptions. The digital news content has been carefully curated and they reflect the needs and aspirations of people of Karnataka, especially the Kannadigas, which makes them feel that they are highly valued and it also made the advertisers more confident. They launched on-ground and digital initiatives which have received tremendous response from the readers, and this has helped to connect to the readers. In this background, the present research aims to study strategies adopted by Kannada newspapers to stay relevant in the Digital era. The specific objectives are to analyse challenges facing by Kannada newspapers in digital era, to find opportunities for Kannada newspapers in digital era, to explore how readers are perceiving this change brought by Kannada newspapers. The study used both quantitative and qualitative research methods to answer the objec
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