Efficient Chatbot Designing (for Checking Symptoms and providing medicine)
Ansari Khaleequr Ateequr Rehman, Dingal Mohit Amol, Ansari Mohd Hassan Mohd Yunus, Ansari Mohammad Amir Sirajuddin, Assist. Prof. Ahlam Ansari
Chatbot, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Neural Network, Symptoms, Medicines.
In recent years, conversational chatbots have become very popular. Chatbot is a computer programmes which simulates human like conversations. It is relatively new and the rise of AI is introducing new developments. Communicating with customers through live chat interfaces has increased day by day to provide real-time customer service. Today manual services are rapidly replaced by chatbots. The early development of AI based chatbots was difficult but now it has become easier because of availability many libraries and tools. The implementation of chatbots have increased but fails to satisfy the user’s requests. The frequent questions asked by chatbot makes the user less inclined to use it. AI chatbots imitates human responses, but still far from imitating human emotions. Many users want to connect with chatbot like they are humans but that is not yet possible with AI chatbots. Chatbots have been used in many fields like education, healthcare, e-commerce etc. They are used for specialized tasks like hiring cab, checking weather, purchasing orders. Using chatbots in mobile apps enables the creation of more streamlined user interfaces. It allows users to get support from a single interface. In this survey we have discussed and addressed different techniques used for building a chatbot using state of the art technologies. This will help us in building an efficient chatbot design.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 8

Page(s): 216 - 220
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