Pandemic- A stressful chapter in everyone's life.
Neha Prakashbhai Mehta
multitasking, realistic, unplanned, savings, prayers, boon, curse.
Pandemic in such an unplanned crisis for which no one had planned cover for. It has made friends behave like foes. People’s mindset has changed a lot during this pandemic. Different aspects are affected ranging from high to low. On personal front, feelings care and emotions which was at backseat earlier are fast moving life has gained importance. Protection of family has become utmost necessary. So, people protect them self with the precautions and guidelines given to them. On spiritual front, people have left no stone unturned to prevent and protect themselves and their families from the worst effect of pandemic. God exist! Which was not believed by many has made them bow down to the Almighty. As always karma plays an important role but prayers have the power of miracles. Though we could not visit temples personally our inhouse mandir, and our own inner self was the place for devotion and belief. In the history of today there was nothing which closed the doors of worship. But this pandemic has some with superpowers which created distance between man and God. On financial front, the course of pandemic is so strong that, it taught what money means and what role saving has in our life. It was a myth that money can buy everything which was broken by pandemic. To the contrary it was money which saved many lives and people were able to maintain their Roti, Kapda, Makaan. On Global front, we all were facing global warming and its side effects but pandemic lockdown was like a boon on the environmental health. Global environmental changes which led to threat of sustainability were healed to a certain level. Though on monetary front the global economy was highly effective but on multiple fronts it leads to positive effects which were now next to impossible. However getting back to normal will either retain the changes cultivate new challenges. Therefore various behavioral changes, environmental changes, global changes, believes economical changes has made man more realistic health-conscious, emotional, money saver but also led to anger, mood swing, fear, depressive, negative thinking etc. So this pandemic has both positive and negative effects which have left no one affected.
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