Sanket S. Desai, Dr. V. R. Rathi
The role of Formwork is important for concrete to harden in the desired shape. Formwork is the temporary or permanent support structure/mould into which concrete is poured. It is also known as centring or shuttering to gain strength and durability. The aluminium formwork construction method is 25 year older methods in Europe countries. but this method of construction is new type in India. This method is fastest construction compare with another present work is deal with design, construction period and estimation. In Aluminium formwork all members are constructed using concrete, which consist of only walls and slab. Framed structure is beam, column, and slab. The wall is 250mm thick brickwork. Present work selects same plan of structure and compare structural design, estimation and project duration in aluminium formwork and conventional method. Construction is one of the significant sectors of Indian economy and is an integral part of the development. Today India’s urban population is the second largest in the world and its future development leads to increased demand for housing to cope with this problem India should desperately need to plan for acquisition of land and rapid creation of dwelling units. One of the most important factors in determining the success of a construction project in terms of speed, quality, cost and safety of work is the formwork used in the project as it accounts about 1 to 2% of the total project cost of the structure and this material is used for 300 times of repetition . When considering a construction projects both the client and contractor want to finish the job early as the client wants to use the building for the intended purpose as soon as possible. The contractor wants to finish the construction as soon as possible to gain a higher profit. The most efficient way to speed up the work in mass housing construction is by achieving a very short floor cycle. The floor cycle of a building mainly depend on the formwork type, as it is the main time factor of a building project. The aim of present study is to about the existing formwork system used in mass housing construction in Tamil nadu and to show how each one will affect the project duration, project cost and the quality of
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