Personalized Medicine: An Overview
Vaidehi Shah
Personalized medicines, precision medicine, Targeted therapy, genome, 3D printing, Artificial intelligence, Diabetes, Lung Cancer, Future aspects.
Personalized medicine (PM) is the concept of tailoring medical treatment to every patient's unusual characteristics. PM approach could even be a full extension of the traditional approach to increase our ability to predict which medical treatments are becoming safe and effective for individual patients and which ones will not be and cause toxicity and side effects, supported the patient's unique genetic profile. A humanized approach to personalized medicine will increase the possibility of employing process physiology and the use of P5 medicine, which includes personalized, predictive, participatory, precision, and preventive medicine. The predictive variables for disease progression should be investigated within communities to develop preventive measures for in-danger people, and healthcare is often customized and participative. Accurate illness diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment require advancements in biomarker discovery, the subsequent development of trustworthy signatures that suit complicated disease states, and medical methods that are constantly changed and adjusted for dose and drug selection. New technologies make it possible to clarify the causes of adverse side effects at the genetic level, prevent, reduce treatment costs and significantly enhance its security. Thus, the implementation of these approaches at the end of the day will contribute to significant savings. Many technologies are emerging to cause the paradigm shift from the traditional "one size fits all" to personalized medical. Personalized medicine may be a broad field, and it is often used to diagnose various diseases like cancers, Alzheimer's, Hepatitis, atrophic arthritis, Cardiac diseases, and others.
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