The Land Revenue Policy and Land Tenure System of Shivappa Nayaka And Tipu Sultan: A Progressive Approach
Akram Pasha
Keladi, Mysore, State System, Shivappanayaka, Tipu Sultan, Revenue Policy, Land Tenure
Agriculture is always the main occupation of the common man and the main source of revenue for the state. The 17th and 18th centuries AD are known for the progressive developments in science, technology, and political philosophy in Europe. In addition to this, in south India, the names of Keladi Nayaka and Mysore state are most important in the annals of this area. As per the records, under the rule of Shivappa Nayak and Tipu Sultan of Mysore State, a systematic revenue policy was framed, which later scholars graded as the most standard one. The Kiladi king, Shivappa Nayaka, devised the ideal revenue and land tenure system called Sistu, in which revenue should be collected based on the survey, gradation of land, and quality of cultivation. In the same way, Tipu Sultan also devised a systematic land revenue system and a tenure system based on a survey, gradation of land, and quality of cultivation. In revenue policy, we can see three things: one is a state, the second is tenants, and the third is land. In this policy, the state gives the farmers ownership of the cultivation of land; for this, the farmer needs to share some part of his cultivation with the state in the form of land revenue. In devising this policy, both Shivappa Nayaka and Tipu Sultan adopted a responsive and people-friendly revenue policy in their respective states and times.
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