Utilization Of Surkhi As A Partially Replacement Of Sand In Concrete
Rahul Sonwane, Toshil Goswami, Prajwal mahure, Avirat Dhodare, Trupti Bhasme, Rani Hude, G.D. Dhavale, P. B. Gadge
Sand, Aggregate, Water, Cement, Compressive Strength Due to the increasing demand of natural resources as a construction material, these materials have become very costly which increases the overall cost of the project. In order to sustain the building materials for coming generations and reduce the cost of materials we need to replace the building materials by some other materials. Efforts are being made to use the waste materials in concrete, which are hazardous to environment, easily available and reduce the overall cost of project. Ground brick powder has been potentially used as a partial replacement of fine aggregate.
Concrete is the most trusted and widely used building material in today's world. Concrete is made by mixing coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, binding material and water in definite proportion. To meet the strength characteristics and other properties of concrete for special purposes, efforts have been made to improve some special properties by adding pozzolanic material. Some of the materials have been effectively which improve fresh properties like workability, consistency, settlement and bleeding. plastic shrinkage etc. and various hardened properties such as strength, durability, porosity and density, thermal and acoustic insulation, impact resistance etc, of concrete.For achieving above properties and make environment eco-friendly .we used additive as a surkhi (red brick crush ) in concrete .
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 12

Page(s): 106 - 110
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