Web Application Penetration Automation Testing Tool - WAPATT
Nitesh Kumar, Prajwal Bajpai, Dr. Raju Ranjan
Automation, Tool, Scan , XSS , Open Redirect ,internet (key wοrds) , CVE, SQL
We are making a automation Tool for Finding a bugs in website or web application. There are many tools available on OPEN SOURCE Platforms (github, gitlab.) in this project tools are used perform specific working. To find bugs like XSS, SQL Injection, OPEN REDIRECTION, and also find CVE (Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures) based Vulnerabilities. Project Hunt Bull is a collection of OPEN SOURCE tools, this project helps to find larger amount of subdomains, filter out the live or dead host and save in list and increase the chances of vulnerability exists in websites . The tool first of all enumerate all subdomains of the provided target domain using AMASS, SUBLISTER, SUBFINDER, and ASSETFINDER, then filters all valid domains from the entire subdomain list, then uses httpx to extract subdomain titles, and finally uses nuclei-tool to scan for CVE based vulnerability. Then it uses waybackurl tool to extract url parameters, then run gf-patterns tool to filter the xss, ssti, ssrf, and sqli parameters from those subdomains, and last it checks The output will be stored as target xss.txt in a text file , then manual testing of this parameter and increase the chances of vulnerability exists in websites , then send notifications on discord, telegram using the notify-tool.
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Unique Paper ID: 154789

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 12

Page(s): 493 - 497
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