Voice Controlled Smart Home Automation System
J.Shiva prasad, M.Shreyas kumar reddy, N.Vamshi Krishna, Himashu Sharma
This is fulfilled by the need to provide supporting systems for the old and the disabled, especially people who live alone. The automation project recognitize of voice commands which is an Analog signal that uses low-power Bluetooth wireless communication modules which are relatively cheap. This system is designed to provide control of home appliances through mobile phone by dialing the designated number. Dialing can be done from the home phone or a call made to the number from outside. This system is designed by ARDUINO UNO but is based on digital logic using DTMF technology (Dual Tone multiple frequency) which receives the command from the phone to develop digital output. This digital signal is further processed to actuate switching mechanism through relay driver to turn on/off the loads/appliances. It can be used to switch appliances from anywhere, overcoming the limited range of other infrared and radio frequency type controls. The system home automation is used to control the appliances like fan ,light etc in a home or office using voice commands. The signals are received by the Bluetooth and sends the voice data to the Arduino controller and then the controller converts the voice into required format and then again send the data through the Bluetooth to the another Bluetooth and the devices are feely operated by the Microcontroller where they are interfaced to it. Based on the message it received it either turns ON/OFF the devices. The system Home Automation is used by the old and disabled people for an easy way of use that can be fully operated based on voice signals. A typical wireless system home automation allows one to control the house hold appliances from a control unit which is a wireless system. These appliances are particularly designed to be compatible with each other devices and with the control unit for home automation systems. The system receives the signals through Bluetooth transceiver and it performs the request function.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1

Page(s): 359 - 363
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