Use of geotextile as reinforcement in soil backfill for strength and stability analysis in J&K
Arshad Rashid, Dr. Sandeep Singla, Sakshi Bhatia
Soil and Foundation test, reinforcement geotextile, Direct shear test, stabilization, Standard proctor and CBR
The process of enhancing the load bearing capacity and engineering qualities of subgrade soil in order to sustain structures and pavements is referred to as soil stabilisation. In this study, the use of geotextile as a reinforcement for the stabilisation of alluvial soil samples was investigated. Particle size analysis, the Atterberg Limit test, moisture content, specific gravity, Direct shear test, standard proctor Compaction test, and the California Bearing Ratio test were all part of the battery of geotechnical tests that were carried out. Both with and without non-woven geotextiles present, CBR tests were carried out. For the purpose of determining the stability of the soil samples, the tests were carried out using non-woven geotextiles that were arranged in single and double layers at various locations, including the top, middle, and bottom surfaces of the soil in the case of single layers, and the top-middle, top-bottom, and middle-bottom positions for double layers. Incorporating non-woven geotextile into the soil in double layers at top-bottom led to an increase in the soil samples' inherent strength, as shown by the results of the experiment. The findings of the experiments provide conclusive evidence that the addition of geotextiles to soil improves its physical and chemical characteristics, including: Capacity to bear loads, levelling off, and stability As a result, geotextile should be used as a cutting-edge method of enhancing building on weak soils.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1

Page(s): 1495 - 1499
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