A study on impairment in cognitive shifts among children with Autism leading in underlying social and behavioral issues among them
Background: Autism is a developmental disorder with symptoms that appear within the first three years of life. Its formal diagnostic name is autism spectrum disorder. The word “spectrum” indicates that autism appears in different forms with varying levels of severity. That means that each individual with autism experiences their own unique strengths, symptoms, and challenges. These symptoms appear early in a child’s development—although diagnosis may occur later. Autism is diagnosed when symptoms cause developmental challenges that are not better explained by other conditions. Objective: The objective of this research is to find out that how impairment in cognitive shifts among Autistic children leads to the social and behavioral issues among them. Methods: I conducted this research as an experiment type by observing the social and behavioral changes after any sort of cognitive shift was done. It was an Observant Research method. 15 ASD children from 2 different special schools of Pune were taken as subjects for completion of this research survey. 8 were from one school and 7 were from another. The age- group of the children was from 7 to 12yrs of age. Results: The above experiment clearly defines the aim of the research that was to identify how people with Autism takes cognitive shifts in such a hyper way, this survey proved how children show social and behavioral changes in them if they face a slight of a change in their routine Discussion: The need to develop the children’s ability to perform cognitive shifts is very important which can be and needs to be done properly. Proper Training, Learning and improving the issues can help us to see mild to extreme changes in a child’s cognition. Regular brain exercises and training can make slight changes. Lacking the adjustability in a change can be very difficult to be surviving, therefore it needs to be properly taken care of, this is known as cognitive flexibility
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