Experimental Analysis of a Run-flat Tires for Automobiles
C.VENKATESHWAR REDDY, J.Vivek, B.SivaTharun, K.SreesaiTeja
Runflat, Runflat insert, deburring, self supporting, auxiliary supporting
The idea of a runflat tire was initially put forth in few decades back; the substantial research has been put toward developing high-performance runflat tires. The internal air filled with preset pressure level quickly escapes when a standard pneumatic tire is punctured, causing the sidewall to become flat [1]. This forces the sidewall to be squeezed between the aluminum wheel and the ground, lowering the tire axis. The basic goal of a runflat tire is to keep the sidewall from flattening even when the internal pressure is zero [3]. Run flat tires have additional internal structure that allows support in case of deflation. When evaluating the performance of a runflat tire, the primary aspects to take into account are the maximum driving speed and distance, the comfort of the ride, and the durability [2]. Due to the runflat system's surface deformation, causes chipping and micro-fractures on the surface outer diameter (OD) of the runflat system that is supporting the outer tire when it hits a hard surface, the risk of tire disintegration after a few kilometers increases [5]. The design of runflat system is analyzed for its structural integrity with respect to speed and load. The analysis showed that when the temperature rises, the tensile strength and modulus of the insert compound dropped. The loss factor and distortion both have an impact on the insert rubber's ability to generate heat [6, 7]. The deformation of the support rubber and the heat storage of the support could be minimized, which could considerably enhance the sinking rate of the tire under zero pressure. This could be accomplished by utilizing insert rubber with a higher hardness or increasing the structural stiffness of the tire.
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Unique Paper ID: 156080

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 2

Page(s): 792 - 795
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