Smart Hydroponics System
Gouravi Atul Mardhekar, Mansi Sanjay Darwade, Vaishnavi Sandeep Kulkarni, D. M. Yewale
Agriculture, Farming, Hydroponics, Soilless Farming
Agriculture is extremely important to India's economy. There is an increase in food demand due to the ever-increasing population. But there is a food shortage due to rising labor costs, unfavorable environmental conditions, and reduced agricultural land. This gives rise to the concept of indoor farming known as hydroponic farming. This method is used to employ a water solvent to dissolve mineral nutrient solutions, allowing plants to intake nutrients in a more efficient manner than soil. The roots receive nourishment from a variety of sources. Keeping in mind the above scenario we propose to develop a closed loop system which will provide the correct amount of nutrients and adjust the pH level. Our method contains a pH sensor, a TDS sensor, as well as temperature and humidity sensors. The pH level, amount of nutrients, temperature, and humidity will be sensed by the analog pH sensor, analog TDS sensor and DHT11 sensor respectively. These values will be sent to the microcontroller and it will smartly decide whether to release the nutrients or pH buffer solution. The nutrients will be released using a peristaltic pump through relay.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 2

Page(s): 1066 - 1070
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