Hands Free Electric Vehicle for Disabled People
Rikhit Rau Valaulicar , Rajat Prabhu, Rohit Korgaonkar, Dr. H.K. Amarnath, Ramnath Prabhu Bam, Pramit Desai, Daivik Shenvi Malkarnekar
Accelerator, BLDC motor, Brake pedal mechanism, Hands-free electric vehicle, Steering mechanism
The number of people using personal mobility vehicles is ever increasing. The development of such vehicles to address their needs are essential to their quality of life. People with disabilities mostly use wheelchair for their day to day activities. Problems with wheelchairs are that, they put stress on the user's upper limbs. Presently, hand-driven vehicles for people with disability in their lower limbs are easily available in the market, but fewer vehicles are developed for the people with disability in their upper limbs. Hands-free vehicle is developed for people with disability in their upper limbs and to provide user with improved levels of mobility, and providing freedom to travel on their own. The most important part of this project is the steering mechanism which will be operated fully with the help of legs. A battery powered engine is chosen for this design. The weight of the user which on an average is about 70 kg is considered here. The outcome of this project is to achieve a two wheeler vehicle with foot operated steering mechanism for handicapped arm-less person with electric drive. The goal of this project is to create easy means of transportation for people having disabilities. There are different types of vehicle for disabled people that are available in the market such as petrol based two-hand operated bike, petrol based one-hand operated bike, wheelchair bike, hand operated two wheeler bike with electric drive. Since foot operated vehicles designed for people with disability in their upper limbs are rare to find. So we have come up with a design that addresses the problems faced by such disabled people to commute and also to reduce the cost of transportation by providing an electric drive instead of an IC engine. The foot operated mechanism designed for this vehicle provides an ease for the operator with disability in his upper limbs to steer the vehicle in the required direction. This will help them to commute to nearby market places for their daily activities. This would make them self-reliant and also they may not have to face the discrimination as they would have faced otherwise while using public transport.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3

Page(s): 721 - 725
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